©2019 by St. Andrews Design Team


1. Aims

  1. 1.1.  The SSC Design Team aims to encourage and promote the interest in publication and graphic design through the provision of services, resources, expertise, and support, both among the student body and the community of St Andrews.

  2. 1.2.  To provide the opportunity for students to collaborate with like-minded peers, and to participate in design-related projects.

  3. 1.3.  To offer design and promotional services to the Association and its affiliated societies.

  4. 1.4.  To provide training in digital design.

2. Committee

2.1. Design Team Membership: The Design Team Committee shall have the following members: 2.1.1.SSC Design Convenor (Convenor and Chair)
2.1.2.Vice-President Ordinary Member (designers) (x3)

2.1.3. Secretary

2.1.4. Treasurer

2.1.5. Marketing Team Branding Officer Social Media Officer

2.1.6. Training Officer

2.1.7. Social Coordinator

2.1.8. Photography Officer Ordinary Member (photographer) (x3)

2.1.9. Director of Events and Services

2.2. All committee members shall write, and submit to the Convener, handover documents for their successors no later than one week before the AGM.

3. Roles

3.1. Convener shall:

3.1.1.Oversee all aspects of the Design Team, ensuring that the Design Team fulfills its responsibilities as set out by the University of St Andrews Students' Association constitution.

3.1.2.Chair committee meetings.
3.1.3. Liaise between heads of societies and subcommittees, university staff, and volunteers. 3.1.4. Maintain all notice boards in the Design Suite
3.1.5.Organize an annual End-of-year Showcase, possibly as part of the On The Rocks

Festival, in collaboration with the Convener-elect

3.2. Vice President shall:
3.2.1. Assist the Convener wherever possible and represent the Design Team when the

Convener is unable to.
3.2.2. Directly manage the ordinary members (designers) 3.2.3. Oversee Trello activity
3.2.4. Be the main point of contact for volunteers

3.3. Ordinary Members (designers) (x3) shall:
3.3.1. Take on a minimum number of design projects 3.3.2. Help recruit and mentor new design volunteers

3.4. Secretary shall:
3.4.1. Take minutes of every committee meeting, update a document that is to be shared

regularly with the DoES and reception staff.
3.4.2. Maintain a mailing list for current members and send out weekly email updates.

3.4.3. Maintain a mailing list for alumni and send out newsletters at least once a semester 3.4.4. Assist with other administrative duties as they arise.

3.5. Treasurer shall:
3.5.1. Maintain a log of all financial transactions.
3.5.2. Take responsibility for obtaining cash floats from the Cash Office as needed. 3.5.3.Keep the cash box and keys.
3.5.4.Actively try and secure sponsorship deals/grants and suggest ways by which the Design

Team can raise money for the purpose of providing improved or continued services and resources to students and societies.

3.6. Marketing Team shall:

  1. 3.6.1.  Work together to create a marketing plan for each year.

  2. 3.6.2.  Work together to redesign the YourUnionDesign website when needed.

  3. 3.6.3.  Branding Officer shall: Develop and manage the Design Team brand in collaboration with the

    Convener. Design, create, and distribute publicity for all Design Team events and


  4. 3.6.4.  Social Media Officer shall: Manage all social media accounts. Update events calendar on the YourUnionDesign website. Maintain the Design Team website, updating the calendar, committee profiles,

    Union links, and other content as necessary.

3.7. Training Officer shall:
3.7.1.Be responsible for the upkeep of all computers and subscriptions.
3.7.2.Run weekly Adobe Skills Workshops with assistance from committee members who

have specific expertise

3.8. Social Coordinator shall:
3.8.1.Organize committee socials, volunteer socials, and creative workshops

3.9. Photography Officer shall:
3.9.1. Organize and run photography skills workshops
3.9.2. Directly manage the ordinary members (photographers)

3.10. Ordinary Members (photographers) (x3) shall:
3.10.1. Take on a minimum number of photography jobs 3.10.2. Help recruit and mentor new photography volunteers

4. Meetings

4.1. The committee shall meet weekly throughout the year, or as the convener sees fit. 4.2. The SSC Design Convenor will take the chair.
4.3. In the absence of the SSC Design Convener, the Vice-President will chair.
4.4. Quorum

4.4.1.The quorum shall be three-fifths of the voting membership of the committee. 4.5. Notice

4.5.1.All members of the Committee must be given at least 24 hours’ notice of any committee meeting.

5. Annual General Meeting

5.1. Procedure

5.2. The AGM shall be held during Semester Two and shall:
5.2.1. Require 14 days’ notice.
5.2.2. Be publicised widely in such places and by such methods as the committee shall

determine from time to time.
5.2.3. Shall elect all Design Team Committee positions except for the SSC Design Convener 5.2.4. Be open to all matriculated students of the University of St Andrews, except those who

have exercised their right to opt out of the Students’ Association under the provisions of

the Education Act 1994. 5.3. Business

5.3.1. The order of business shall be:

  1. Interviewed positions

    6.1. The SSC Design Convenor will be appointed by the SSC Convenor Selection Committee as described in Chapter 5.13 of the Laws.

  2. Committee Vacancies

    7.1. Committee posts that shall, from time to time, fall vacant for whatever reason shall be filled by an EGM, following the same guidelines as described in section 5.

  3. Committee Decisions

    8.1. Should a consensus be unobtainable at a Committee meeting, a vote should be taken. Those members of the Design Team Committee shall be eligible to vote.