University of St. Andrews Design Team Standards and Policies

This policy form represents your agreement with the SSC Design Team to adhere to certain policies laid out by the SSC committee. It signifies that you understand and have read the following policies regarding good design practice and follow our design standards as an Association subcommittee.

I, ___________________________________, assert that:

  • I am responsible for ensuring projects that I take on are completed in a timely manner.

  • I will follow University policy regarding digital media and logo usage.

  • I have read and accept the SSC Design Team standards and policy and will adhere to

    these standards and policies as I take on and complete projects.

  • I understand that until I hear further, all projects I complete will be first approved by

    an assigned member of committee or the Vice President before forwarding to the

    project requester.

  • I understand that the SSC Design Team takes no responsibility for anything that

    occurs during or as a result of projects including but not limited to injury or damage

    to equipment the volunteer holds all liability.

  • I understand that the SSC Design Team and the university may update their policies

    and standards and that I am responsible for being up to date with these. Name:

    Signature: Date:

  • Design Team Policy 2019-2020

  1. Originality of works

    1. 1.1  Volunteers shall not use fonts, images, or vector images from the internet except

      at the following circumstances:

      1. 1.1.1  The creative properties are Royalty Free.

      2. 1.1.2  Design Team owns a license for commercial free usage.

      3. 1.1.3  Vector images which are under CCO license can be used for any

        designs to be offered to affiliated societies which are commercial


    2. 1.2  Volunteers shall have freedom in any works they create for a project under 1.1,

      albeit shall put the interest of the project requestor, the “client”, as the top priority.

      1. 1.2.1  Volunteers shall follow the design requirements as outlined in the

        project request form to create the drafts for initial delivery.

      2. 1.2.2  Volunteers shall put the feedback of the “client” and the Committee (if

        given) in the intermediate drafts and hence, for the final design.

    3. 1.3  Thereby volunteers shall declare that all designs created are of their own work

      unless the permission is given as outlined in 1.1.

  2. Project delivery

    2.1. Volunteers shall follow the general project process as outlined by Design Team.

2.2. Until Volunteers hear further, all work completed shall first be approved by their assigned mentor or the Vice President before they are sent to the client, where there is a disagreement the Convener shall be notified promptly and will resolve the issue.

2.3. Volunteers shall actively seek for advice/support/answers to questions from “mentors”, i.e. ordinary member designers/photographers or Vice President, if it, in any means, arises to be a problem in part of the project delivery.

2.4. If there is a modification request from the “client” which involves any violations of Design Team Policy and/or University Policy, designers shall consult with “mentors” or the Vice President promptly and will not make such amendments thereby.

2.5. All works must include the Design Team logo unless they themselves are a logo as per guidelines provided for the specific project.

  1. Where volunteers choose to take on projects Design Team takes no responsibility for anything that occurs including but not limited to injury or damage to equipment the volunteer holds all liability.

  2. Mentors
    4.1.Mentors are responsible for supporting Designers and ensuring that all work meets

    the standards that are set by Design Team before it is sent to clients. 4.2.Mentors will report any violations of Design Team standards or policy to the

    Convener promptly.

  3. If there is, in any means, conflict of interest between the two policies, volunteers shall

    follow University Policy over Design Team Policy.

University Policy

1. Logo/Crest Policy

  1. 1.1.  The policy abides with the University Policy as outlined in


  2. 1.2.  In summary of the above, designers shall use the University Logo under the following principles to maintain the University’s corporate identity and design principle:

    1. 1.2.1  Only the dark text logo on a white background or the white text logo on a

      dark background should be used.

    2. 1.2.2  If the background is an image, white text should be used. Image must be


    3. 1.2.3  The monochrome version of the logo should be used when black and

      white print is required.

    4. 1.2.4  The logo should be not rotated.

    5. 1.2.5  No re-colourisation is allowed.

    6. 1.2.6  No drop shadows or any special effects are allowed on the logo.

    7. 1.2.7  White text cannot be used on a light image.

    8. 1.2.8  Proportion should not be altered.

    9. 1.2.9  No substitution of text or modification of the logo is allowed.

    10. 1.2.10  A logo should not be enclosed in a box.

    11. 1.2.11  The logo should not be used over a busy image.

    12. 1.2.12  The imagery of the University crest should not be altered in any way.

2. The above shall be facilitated with the digital standards outlined in the university service manual whenever necessary.
2.1. The university service manual including the information of corporate identity, code standards, and design principles is accessible via